Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Set a Video as your Desktop background Wallpaper

Wanna impress your buddies? Well, I personally don't find running videos in the background as a wallpaper of any good use. Anyway its rather 'cool' stuff.
There are some good options available to do exactly this. Lets check them out.VLC media playerVLC media player is a highly portable cross platform media player that plays almost any type of media format including DVDs, VCDs etc.And its extremely easy to set a video as wallpaper using VLC media player.
Play the video in VLC player. Right click on VLC player and select Wallpaper.That's it! The video will now play in your desktop background as a wallpaper.VLC is available for Windows, Mac OS X and various other distributions of Linux.Download VLC media player from this page

Windows DreamScene

Microsoft has released Windows DreamScene which, offcourse, enables you to set a video file as your wallpaper.As far as I know, Windows DreamScene is a Vista feature and hence available for Windows Vista only. Windows Vista Ultimate users can download it for free.My Digital Life has more information of this Windows feature.Obviously, VLC media player is a much better choice as it can handle a wide range of video formats, plus you don't have to get Windows Vista to use this nice feature.

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