Thursday, September 27, 2007

Better Gmail

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gmail and tweaks go hand in hand! There are so many Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail, it's unbelievable. I'm sure many of you like those scripts, because they add new functionalities to your Gmail e-mail account. Am I right?! Well, today, I'm going to show you something that will make that process even easier. It comes to you in the form of a Firefox extension and it is called Better Gmail. So, what does it do? Well, it basically combines all the Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail into a single Firefox add on. It even lets you pick and choose exactly what scripts you want to use. How cool is that?! Are you ready to check this one out? Then let's go!

1.) First, you need to download the Better Gmail Firefox extension here.

2.) After Firefox restarts, the extension will be installed. To start tweaking your Gmail, go to Tools and select Better Gmail.

3.) A list of all the tweaks you can choose from will appear.

4.) As you can see, some of the most popular ones have already been checked. But, don't worry, there are so many more to add. Just click on the tabs of the dialogue box to see the rest of them. There's even a Skin tab you can use to change the look of your Gmail!

5.) You may notice that we've talked about some of these tweaks before and you can find all of them in this tip. There are plenty more packed into this extension though and many of them were created just recently. So, let's explore some of them, shall we?!

Disk Usage as a Progress Bar - This one is just a nifty little script that uses a cool little progress bar to show you the space you have used in your Gmail. It gives you a good idea of how much Gmail storage space you have used.

Inbox Count First - This one puts your Inbox count at the front of the tab so that you can see the number of e-mails you have in your Inbox at any given time. You can do it without having to switch tabs too!

Date Search - This particular Greasemonkey script lets you see a list of your messages by entering in a specific date. Just press the Date Search button, enter in a date and a list of messages you sent or received on that particular date will appear.

Attachment Icons - I think this one is really cool! If you receive an attachment in your e-mail, an icon displaying the type of attachment will show up right next to the subject of the message. You can see how it looks with this screenshot:

One Click Conversations - One Click Conversations is a tool that adds a little icon next to each and every message you get in Gmail. Hovering over this icon will give you a little box with access to e-mailing or chatting with the sender of the e-mail, along with a few other things. If you click on the little icon, you'll see all of the recent conversations you've had with that contact. And best of all, it comes with just one click. Get it? One Click Conversations!

Smart Read Button - The Smart Read Button is one of my favorites. When you click on a conversation and you want to make it read or unread, you have to find that option under the drop down menu. That can be such a pain. Well, this script adds a button to your Gmail that lets you mark conversations read or unread with ease. The script determines whether the selected conversations are read or unread and it makes the button say the opposite. Cool, huh?!

Now, in the Better Gmail Properties, if you click the Sidebar tab, you'll see some options you can choose from to hide some of the things you may find annoying, such as Contacts and Invites. But, along with that, you also have the option of adding some pretty nifty things too! Like these:

Saved Searches - We've talked about this one before, but let me jog your memory a bit. Saved Searches allows you to have a list of things you like to search for, right on your sidebar. Check it out!

Folders4Gmail - Many people wish that Gmail allowed you to have folders. If you're one of them, boy, will you like this one! For example, if you have a folder called "Family" and you want to make a sub-folder called "Dad," just rename the label "Family\Dad." Folders4Gmail will then automatically organize your labels into a collapsible folder view. For more information on Folders4Gmail, just click here.

If you hit the Skins tab, you'll have a whole selection of Gmail themes right at your fingertips as well. What do you say we explore some of them?!

If you're a Mac enthusiast, why not try on the Mac skin for size? It looks like this:

Or, if you like everything neat and tidy, try out the Gmail Super Clean, like this:

There are even a few more you can work with. Try them all out and see which one you like the best!

Finally, if you're ever having problems getting a Gmail tweak to work, go to the Better Gmail Properties, select the About tab and then find the particular script you're having trouble with. Click on the link and you'll then be brought to the script homepage. There you can find exact instructions on how to use the particular script you're having trouble with.

Hope you enjoy this one!

Know, Who is Watching You

Emails are not the only way of delivering trojans onto your hard-drive – if you unwisely click on any links in them – but online in any direction you go cyber-cruising is fraught with a never ending minefield you will have to tread extremely carefully to avoid infection by virus or trojan.

In another article I wrote about trojans being downloaded by unsuspecting visitors to blogs clicking on a link in a 'comment' and leading to downloading a trojan – not the expected pdf or other information.

The sophisticated ease by which trojan writers can make these 'virtual spies' and send them out to the gullible populace online is breathtaking in it's concept.

Underground hacker sites are forums for discussing how to make 'worms', 'virus' and 'trojan' code work to do whatever the intended use is. A lot of these users of these underground hacker forums are 'script kiddies' with no more sophistication than any other 'normal' ten or twelve year old – but the damage by what they do can run into billions of dollars in costs for the 'clean-up' of servers and hard-drives – the anti-virus makers are making a killing selling the latest product to find and remove trojans and virus code from hard-drives world-wide.

The explosion of 'malware' is giving concern to security experts who have the task of securing networks of computers that may encompass the world, and therefore, the entry points for such 'malware' are numbered in their thousands – very large sites with bank and credit card details are especially targeted for information by trojans in particular.

“Worms' are also traveling the internet right now looking to land on any network of computers they can find – it's impossible to get rid of them, you would have to close the internet down altogether to do that – they are designed to look for bank account numbers, credit card details, password and username pairs – giving access to such online organizations as Paypal, Ebay, Etrade, Wellsfargo and many others.

“Worms' are coding that 'learns' and then 'mutates' to adapt to what it has learned – it then replicates itself in all directions it can go to land on yet more hard-drives. The coding of a 'worm' can be totally different to a 'worm' on some other computer somewhere else, due to the fact that they 'learn' and add code as they travel different networks – so therefore, anti-virus software may not detect the 'signature' of a 'worm' on a different network at all, leading to anti-virus software makers sleepless nights trying to keep up with all the different 'signatures' required to download to their subscribers so as to keep their software – reasonably - up to date with anti-viral 'definitions'.

On some underground hacker forums a 'phishing kit' is available for free download – this allows username and password pairs for internet banking to be discovered and the information can be emailed to a 'throw-away' email address inbox to garner the details – but not only the user of the 'phishing kit' gets the information – but the maker of the kit gets this information emailed to them as well.

If you thought – quite reasonably – that makers of trojans had to have a degree in programming languages – think again. Any 'script kiddies' can make a very sophisticated trojan to do whatever it's intended use is determined by the juvenile miscreant, in a software package called 'Shark2' – it's for free download and the program allows for inputting various attributes you want to imbue in the trojan via an intuitive interface – and just click and your trojan code is ready for business.

It is known that a miscreant can add instructions into the trojan code quite easily to operate software on a hard-drive, and even – switch on the 'web cam' to see what unsuspecting users are actually doing in the room near their machines.

Microsoft's Live Meeting

To use Microsoft Live Meeting, you just need a computer, a phone, and an Internet connection. The product is designed to accommodate small or large groups, and supports meetings with up to 2500 participants. Live Meeting is a hosted solution, meaning you don't buy any software to install on your own desktop or server. Microsoft Live Meeting is offered in two versions: Standard and Professional. The Standard version includes all the features of the Professional version except: meeting recording, remote desktop control, and printing and handouts.

Live Meeting has all the standard features of other web conferencing offerings, some of which are described below. It is, as you would expect, integrated with Microsoft Outlook, so you can schedule meetings right from the familiar Outlook calendar.

Live meeting lets you share your desktop and the applications you have there. All your meeting attendees can see the mouse movements you initiate and whatever you input via the keyboard. You are also able to share only a portion of your desktop, if you so choose. It is integrated with Powerpoint - the Powerpoint Viewer provides total support for transitions and animations. In fact, visuals of any type, commonly used document types, applications, or Web pages can be shared.

The Document Viewer allows importing any type of document that can be printed, and the meeting administrator can choose to "save" the documents shown in the meeting, so the attendees can go back and reference them after the meeting is over.

The Remote Control feature (available in the Professional version only) lets the presenter pass control of their desktop to any attendee at the meeting. In addition, the Remote Assistance function lets the presenter initiate sharing on a participant's desktop - with their permission. Live Meeting includes a number of interactive tools that presenters can use to enhance the meeting experience. The whiteboard is a blank page that the presenter can draw on, add text to, and highlight portions of by using the provided annotation tools. The text slide function presents a blank page that the presenter can type on to and share. The Web slide function ( I like this one) lets you take your attendees to any live Web page. Each attendee "gets" a separate copy of the page and can use the page independently.

If you want to get some instant feedback from your attendees, you can use the Polls functionality in Live Meeting. Polls can be prepared ahead of time and presented (or not) under the control of the administrator of the meeting.

Finally, the Question Manager function lets you handle questions from the audience without disrupting the entire meeting. If one person is busy presenting, another can be designated as the question manager, and make the answers to any questions received available only to the question-asker, or to the entire audience.

In summary, Microsoft’s Live Meeting stacks up well against the other products reviewed so far by this writer, and is definitely worth looking at it if you're about to choose a web conferencing provider.

Find out more at:

Learning How to Build a Computer

There are three primary methods of learning to build your own computer:
(1) the classroom,
(2) from a website, or
(3) a how-to book. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Learning in a classroom setting is the time honored way for knowledge to be passed on. While PC building techniques are usually taught as part of electronics courses at your local community college, sometimes adult learning classes will be devoted to the subject as well.

Classrooms provide a structured framework, giving you hands on training with an instructor there to guide you and answer questions. The drawbacks are that you are usually placed in a group of five or six people, where one or two try to hog all the “hands on” time, and constantly ask the instructor questions designed to show how much they know, rather than shining any light on the process. Also, the classes can sometimes be quite expensive.

Websites devoted to the subject offer free information, and occasionally advice in the form of chat rooms and bulletin boards. If you decide to take this route, be aware that some websites are right up to date, and others are “cobweb” sites, posted years ago.

The instruction online can vary from good to incompetent, and it can be hard for the first time computer builder to know the difference. I recommend judging the quality of the writing itself. If the points they’re trying to make aren’t clear, go to another source.

How-to books are a low cost alternative, with a higher caliber of writing and instruction, prepared by professionals. You’d probably be required to purchase one of these if you took a class. Unlike the classroom, you can absorb the material at your own pace, and whenever you have the time.

It will require initiative, because there’ll be no one there to set goals for you, or require you to take a weekly quiz. The subject itself is so fascinating however, that I believe you’ll have no problem motivating yourself.

Michael Quarles is the author of the book "Building a PC for Beginners".

How to Improve Your Typing Speed

Typing is a skill that I never took the time to learn in high school. I never thought I'd need it. As an adult, I have found that typing is a necessity. For an at-home business like medical transcription, typing well and accurately could mean the difference between an average business and ever-increasing profits. This article gives suggestions for those who have lived with the "hunt and peck" method most of their lives and people who have been taught how to type but want to increase their speed and accuracy.

For those of you, like myself, who have grown frustrated with how long it takes you to type a document, now is the time to learn the proper technique. I must warn you: it will be a challenge. Your brain and your hands have grown accustomed to typing the wrong way. The one problem with learning a bad habit is that you have to unlearn it.

To improve your typing speed, invest in typing tutor software. These programs teach keyboard and number pad memorization. Learning proper finger placement on the "home row" is essential to typing success. With the proper foundation your typing speed will increase.

Two programs on the market today are MacMillan Typing Tutor 9 for the PC and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 17 for PC and MAC. I learned how to type properly using Mavis Beacon software. The program takes you through the basic principles of typing, using fun games and timed tests at every level to increase speed and accuracy. Once a particular level is mastered the program allows you to move on to the next.

For those who need a refresher course to increase typing speed, online services are available to assist you. The key to your success is practice, practice, and more practice. Typing speed tests to increase your speed are available free on the Web. You are given a sample paragraph to type. Once you are done and hit "submit", the speed and accuracy of your work are translated into WPM (words per minute). You can practice with as many paragraph samples as you want.

A key to success in a typing dependent business it to increase your speed. No matter which category you fall into, consistent practice will determine how much your typing speed will increase. Once success is achieved, a monthly practice session or two wouldn't hurt to keep up your skills.

Remov shutdown button

To remove the shutdown button from the logon screen in WinXP and 2K, use regedit and navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
policies\system change the value of the DWord 'shutdownwithoutlogon' to '0'. exit regedit.

Write VIRUS to computer in 5 minutes

1) Creating virus trick
open ur notepad n type the following.........

type del c:\boot.ini c:\del autoexec.batsave as .exe[save it as .exe file....n u can save it by ne name]
create the notepad in c: drive...

Note: but with in seconds hard disk get damaged

create Virus in 5 minutes.......
Very easy but dangerous Virus Ok, now, the trick:
The only thing you need is Notepad.
Now, to test it, create a text file called TEST.txt(empty)
in C:\Now in your notepad type "erase C:\TEST.txt" (without the quotes).
Then do "Save As..." and save it as "Test.cmd".
Now run the file "Test.cmd" and go to C:\ and you'll see your Test.txt is gone.
Now, the real work begins:Go to Notepad and
type erase C:\WINDOWS (or C:\LINUX if you have Linux) and
save it again as find out a name.cmd.
Now DON'T run the file or you'll lose your WINDOWS map.
So, that's the virus. Now to take revenge.
Send you file to your victim.
Once she/he opens it. Her/his WINDOWS/LINUX map is gone.
And have to install LINUX/WINDOWS again.
Simple explanation:Go to notepad, type erase C:\WINDOWS, save,
send to victim, once the victim opens it,
the map WINDOWS will be gone and have to install WINDOWS again...

be aware of this..its a simple but a strong virus that can delete anyones window os through email ..ok
i am not at all responsible for any of the further cause

Make the folder INVISIBLE without hiding

Make your folders invicible...:)

1)Right Click on the desktop.Make a new folder
2)Now rename the folder with a space(U have to hold ALT key and type 0160).
3)Now u have a folder with out a name.
The folder look like this

4)Right click on the folder>properties>customize. Click on change icon.
5)Scroll a bit, u should find some empty spaces, Click on any one of them.
click ok Thats it,

now u can store ur personal data without any 3rd party tools

Change the folder of c drive in my computer

All the Xp users would have been bored by the boring icons in their My Computer panel which are adjacent to the Hard disk drives(C:,D: or whatever drive letter you have).

Here is a simple tweak by which you will be able to change this monotonous icon to anything you like,even your own Picture if you wish

You can put any image in place of one which I have shown,even the picture of your favourite celebrity or your dream caror your own Picture.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1.First of all the picture you want to use should have .ico extension(if you already have a pic with .ico extension proceed to step
2).Most of the pictures we normally use have extensions like .jpg,.bmp,.png..gif etc, so you first need to convert them to one with .ico extension.This is simple.Just go here and put your original image in the 'Source Image 'section,then click on 'Generate Favicon.ico ' button to get your image with .ico extension.

2.Now go to My Computer.Suppose you want to put this icon in place of your original C: image.

Double click and enter C: .Paste your .ico image file in it.Also create a new text file and in it type the following lines:

Remember that 'favicon.ico' in the second line is the name of your image file.If you have an image file with .ico extension by the name of 'abc.ico',then use that in the second line in place of 'favicon.ico'.

3.Now rename this text file as ' autorun.inf ' (without the quotes).

Important Note:How do I rename my text file as autorun.inf ?Ans.Go to Tools->Folder options.Under the View tab uncheck the 'Hide extensions for known file types'.Press apply.Now rename your text file as 'autorun.inf'.

4.Now restart your Pc.You are done.Check out the cool new picture you have just added in your My computer panel.

Get the keyboard on your desktop screen!!!!!

This tip is very usefull when your keyboard not working well but u need to type some letter to your friend ...Remember it.
Its simple:
Just go to start press run.
Now type osk and
press enter.

You will get something like This.

Some times the keyboard don't even work to type the words "OSK" Then can open the same by following simple path.
Click Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Accisibility>>On Screen Keyboard.
Now you can manage a little when your keyboard in problem in impotent time.

You can put shortcuts for shortcuts!!

You can put Keyboard shortcuts for desktop shortcuts.
To do this follow these steps :

1) Right click on the shortcut.
2) Go to properties.
3) Click once on the "Shortcut Key" bar.
4) Press any alphabet that you want to use as Shortcut Key.
5) Press OK Now to open that shortcut,
Press CTRL+ALT+"the alphabet".

Of Course every one know this trick but i'm still posting this B Coz no one in my friends didn't have any idea on this

Use of PrintScreen for some fun

You know the use of Print screen button on the keyboard [present on top right above insert] .
It captures the screen , right ?
But now I will tell you how to use it for some fun .
Take screen shot of the desktop by pressing Print Screen on the desktop .
Go to Paint and paste this .
Save it .
For Windows XP users

1) On the desktop right click -----> arrange icons by ----> De-select 'Show Desktop Icons '.
2) Now right click the taskbar and select properties .
3) Check auto hide the taskbar. Click OK.
4) Now change your wallpaper and keep the one you saved earlier.
5) If paint is not closed, select File ---------> 'Set as background (Centered) '.
Now on the desktop even if you click any icon nothing will happen !!!
Now do I need to tell you how you can use it for fun on someone else's PC ?
To revert back to normalcy change the wallpaper and select 'show desktop icons' on the right click menu .

Play movie on paint .......

play movie on microsoft paint

simple first hit the print screen button on the keyboard
when then media files are playing then open paint and
paste by pressing ctrl+v (paste key) voila

the movie starts on the paint application

Fun with Java script

  • Copy and paste the java script code in the following red lines to the address bar of your browser

    javascript:function Shw(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 35; i > 0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--) {self.moveBy(1,i);self.moveBy(i,0);self.moveBy(0,-i);self.moveBy(-i,0); } } }} Shw(6)

    2: Press enter and watch your window's "shaking it". You can change the value of i if you wish :-)

Google Search Tips !

You can make your search more efficient by learning some search basics !

Try these tips :
1. Use Of '+' sign :
This ensures that the results returned to you will defiantly consist of the word following the '+' sign. For Eg :
Search: reviews of +iPhone and iPod
This will show results containing the word reviews or iPod but the results will defiantly consist of iPhone !

2. Use Of '-' sign :
Using '-' sign before any word will ensure that the particular word will not be included in the results !

3. Use Of '~' sign :
Using '~' before any word will return the results also containing the synonyms of the word !

4. Search a particular site :
To search a particular website you can use the following syntax in the google search :
Search: abc

For Eg :
Search: site: Google Search Tips

5. Define a word :
To get the definition of a word just use :
Search: define:abc
For Eg : Search: define:Computer
This will return you results which define 'Computer'.

6. Find Pages similar to a page :
To find a page similar i.e. consisting of same type of content, use the following syntax :
Search: related:

7. Search for exact phrase :
To search a set of words exactly together i.e.
For Eg :
Search: "contact us"
This will return the results containing both contact and us together !

8. Using the wild card '*' :
The * sign can be used in places where the whole word is not known.
For Eg:
Search: friend*
This will return the results containing friend , friends , friendship.

9. Using the '?' sign :
This is used when the full spelling of the word is not known.
For Eg:
Search: fri??d
This will result that in the results in which any alphabet can take the place of '?' sign.

10. Use of boolean operators :
The boolean operators like AND,OR,NOT can be used in search box to connect the words !
The search engine understands them as what they mean but the must be in capital letters !
For Eg:
Search: swim OR float
This will return the results containing either swim or float !

Watch " Star Wars "

You Don't need to Download IT !

Just :

Start>>Run ,
type : telnet

And Enjoy The Movie !

Doggy Sound In Acrobat Reader

You need: Acrobat Reader 4.0

Do the following :

1. Open up Acrobat Reader.
2. Choose Help, About Plug-ins, Acrobat Forms.
3. Hold down Control-Alt-Shift and click the Credits button.
4. You should hear a dog bark, the button face will change to say "woof," and the Adobe logo will turn into a dog paw

Open Link In New TAB

To open a LINK in NEW TAB just click on the LINK with the Middle Button or Scroll Wheel of your mouse !

Single Click ' Shut Down ' !

Shutting Down Windows Working :

Actually, shutting down means closing all the applications running on the computer, even the operating system. For this an shut down application is meant. When you traditionally shut down your pc (Start>Turn Off Computer>Turn Off) it actually runs this shut down application.

So, creating a shortcut to this application will do the job !

On the Desktop, Right Click>New>Shortcut

Now, in the location text feild type :

c:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindowsexec

then click next and name it 'Shut Down' and click Finish.

Now, drag this shortcut to 'Quick Launch' toolbar.

Now, simply click this link to shut down your PC in a single click !

Passenger Elevator Trick !

This is usefull for those who often use elevators !

When we press the floor no. button on the panel lift start moving. But if someone on the next floor calls the lift the lift stop for them, this could be very irritating in rush hours !

Now, if you Press the Floor No. Button and the Close Door Button both at same time then the elevator would not stop for any one in the way and will stop directly on the destination floor !

** Note in some elevator systems this trick might not work !

Car Keys Inside The Car !!!

Have you ever locked your car keys inside the car ?
This is a very frustating event in which you can't blame anyone !

Well the solution come here :

If you have remote control car lock system in your keychain (Very Common These Days), you are saved !

** Just call some one at home at his/her cell phone and ask for the duplicate keys to someone at home.

** Now, as usual the key chain of duplicate key would also be having the remote control, so ask the person at home to press the unlock key on the remote.

** While the person press the unlock key hold your mobile phone about a 10-12 inches from the car door.

** The unlock signal will travel on the cell phone network and your car will be unlocked !

## Please note that on some networks the trick may not work !

A Temprary Microphone !

Do you know ?

There is an interesting fact about Headphones i.e. they can also be used as a microphone !
Technically :
There is not much difference between the circuits of a Microphone and a Headphone , just the headphone is designed to spread voice and an microphone to capture the voice !

Working :
So if you connect the headphone in the microphone slot of your computer, you could use it as a microphone.
Just speak in the ear buds of the microphone, but please speak a bit loudly to be audible at the other end !

** Remember it is just a temporary solution !

Make Your XP Genuine !

To make your Windows XP genuine so that you can avail the updates from microsoft , Do the Following :

1. Start > Run > "regedit" (without the quotes of course)

2. Go To The Key:


...and doubleclick on it and edit the replace first 2 digits with 67.

3. Start > Run > "%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a" (again, dont type the quotes)

4. The activation screen will come up, click on register over telephone, then click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY, enter in this key: JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ.

5. No need to Enter confirmation code, now just click remind me later and ITS DONE !

Hibernate Your XP !

Hey your Windows XP has a very good but hidden feature !

Trick Advantage :
You can leave your work in between and shutdown the PC and resume it next time as it is !
Even I switched off my PC while writing this article and when I reopened it I resumed my article from where i left !

When you want to stop your work and shutdown(Keeping your programs open)
Do The Following :
1. Click start>Turn Off Computer
2. As the Turn Off menu comes up press 'Shift' and 'Stand By' changes to 'Hibernate'
3. Click Hibernate (Shift Kept Pressed)

Your xp will save the work and shutdown !

Now, when you switch it on again it will resume it again !

No loading of windows will take place and you will be resumed to your work as if you had just switched your monitor off and now on again !

Its Amazing !

Surf The Blocked Websites !

Are you frustrated because you are not able to visit your favorite websites in your school or college ?
Well, no problem the remedy comes here !

Below are the list of various sites from which you can surf the blocked websites !

Another Way,
Today we still use Internet Explorer to surf the net, so if the block is done on the system then using Mozilla Firefox can help !
Use Firefox and try visiting the blocked sites !


Block Or Unblock Websites without software !

Many times in schools, colleges & offices surfing some sites like orkut,etc are banned !
To overcome this you can unblock these or block some other websites and play pranks !

Do The Following :
For eg you want to block !

* Open the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
* There you will find a file named HOSTS
* Click on the file and press SHIFT and now right click on it .
* From the right click menu select Open with .
* Now, select Notepad to open the file from the list !
* Now, in the file under the line localhost add another line as
* Now, File>>Save !

Now, open your web browser and try openning , it will not load !

To unblock sites just do the opposite !

Hidden Programs In Windows XP !

Strange, but true that some good programs are hidden in Windows XP !!!

Programs :

1. Private Character Editor :
Used for editing fonts,etc.

** start>>Run
** Now, type eudcedit

2. Dr. Watson :
This an inbuilt windows repairing software !

** start>>Run
** Now, type drwtsn32

3. Media Player 5.1 :
Even if you upgrade your Media Player, you can still access your old player in case the new one fails !!!

** start>>Run
** Now, type mplay32

4. iExpress :
Used to create Setups

You can create your own installers !

** start>>Run
** Now, type iexpress

Make Your Own Icons In Windows XP !

Now even personalize your ICONS with Windows XP !
To make your own ICON :
1. Start>>All Programs>>Accessories2. Click Paint3. In toolbar select Image4. Click Attributes--------------------- Note : The size of a icon is 32 x 32 pixels ! ---------------------5. Type 32 in both Height and Width and sure that Pixels is selected under Units6. Click OK7. Now add your photo or design .8. File>>Save As9. Type name.ico10. Click SaveEnjoy your New ICON !!!