Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get the keyboard on your desktop screen!!!!!

This tip is very usefull when your keyboard not working well but u need to type some letter to your friend ...Remember it.
Its simple:
Just go to start press run.
Now type osk and
press enter.

You will get something like This.

Some times the keyboard don't even work to type the words "OSK" Then can open the same by following simple path.
Click Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Accisibility>>On Screen Keyboard.
Now you can manage a little when your keyboard in problem in impotent time.

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Abhay said...

Good blog you got frnd.Let me tell one thing about this said the the optional keyboard is useful when the actual keyboard don't work.If it happens how could we type OSK in the run command????U have to answer for this..