Saturday, August 25, 2007

Improving WinXP Performance

1) CHANGING THE CACHE SIZE:Go to start --> Run --> System.iniWrite these to the system.ini file[vcache]MaxFileCache=8192MinFileCache=2048ChunkSize=512These cache settings are for power users with 128 mb of ram ... if you have more ram ... youcan increase the settings to double also.2) Setting Virtual MemoryRight click My Computer --> Advanced --> Performance optionsSelect optimize performance for ApplicationsAnd change the virtual memory size to double your RAM size ... and if you need more virtual memory ... make small amount of virtual memory on different drives. One whole piece of virtual memory slows down performance.3) Set DMAGo to Control panel --> System --> Device Manager. Go to disk drives and click on yourhard drive, go to properties and click the settings tab and then check the DMA box. Do thisfor all your hard drives. This will improve hard drive io.4) CHANGING THE REFRESH RATE:Right Click on desktop --> Settings --> Advanced --> MonitorChange the refresh rate to maximum ... greater refresh rates provide with clear screen andless eyestrain.5) INCREASING THE MODEM SPEED:Right Click My Computer --> Properties --> Device Manager --> Ports(if you cant find you modem port .. then go directly to modem)Go to your modem port ... click on bits per second and change it to maximum.Click Flow control and change it to none.In ports ... go to Advanced .... make sure use FIFO buffers is checked ... and receive and transmit buffers should be on max.6) Moving Temp FilesYou can move your temporary files to your smallest and fastest drive .... this canimprove I/O tremendously.7) Uncheck Transition EffectClick ‘Display’ in Control Panel. Select ‘Effects’ tab and uncheck ‘Use transition effects formenus and tooltips’8) Uncheck Mouse ShadowClick Display in Control Panel. Select Mouse ... and uncheck the mouse shadow

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