Monday, August 27, 2007

speed up windows and access start up files

Files you can optimise to speed up your computer
This page is designed for Windows 9x users, running Internet explorer 5+. Sorry all you Unix lynx people out there
Warning Some of these methods require you to edit your system files, if you are not careful you could harm windows! I take no respsonsibilty and reccomend that you backup your files regulary.

MSDOS.SYS is a Hidden, Read-only, System Windows 95/98/ME file, located in the root folder (directory) of your boot drive (default is C:). If using DrvSpace (Microsoft "disk-doubler" utility) to compress your FAT16 hard drives/partitions, there is another MSDOS.SYS file located in the root folder of your compressed volume (default is H:). BOTH these files must be IDENTICAL to have your Windows 9x/ME computer boot properly with DrvSpace installed
Name Description Default Optimised
BootDelay= Number of seconds Windows waits before starting Not there (Boot delay is automatically set to 2) BootDelay=0
DisableLog= Create a Bootlog file Not there (Bootlog is automatically enabled) DisableLog=0
Logo= Show the Windows logo Not there (Logo is automatically enabled) Logo=0
DrvSpace= Load drivespace (compression) drivers Not there (Enabled) (Only change if you have no compressed drives ) DrvSpace=0
DblSpace= Load doublespace (compression) drivers Not there (Enabled) (Only change if you have no compressed drives ) DblSpace=0

Autoexec.bat is an Msdos batch file (located at C:autoexec.bat) that is processed before Windows starts. An Msdos batch file is just a list of dos commands on seperate lines. This means you can do many things with autoexec.bat, including running dos programs and executing commands
Command Description Example
echo Used to print a messege to screen echo Starting your computer (Also @ECHO OFF prevents commands from echoing to the screen)
del Delete a file/ files del C:WindowsTemp*.tmp > nul (Deletes Windows temporary files to speed up Windows)
set Sets options for programs and hardware SET FX_GLIDE_NO_SPLASH=1 (This example removes the Voodoo 3dfx logo if you have a voodoo card)
win Loads windows (you can use this if you disable windows from starting through msdos.sys) win

Config.sys is a file that sets msdos options.
You can normally delete all lines in it and only have the line:

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