Friday, August 17, 2007

Technology behind Free SMS

I am revealing the technology behind free sms which many online free SMS Service providers use it and also may be asking you to buy SMS credits to send SMS.

Most of the Online Free SMS Service Providers write their programs in ASP or PHP. The basic model is when you send a SMS to your friend, for example 9849012345, then the web program just emails your SMS content to This is very simple, easy and for God sake they are also charging you for this.

If your are an expert in ASP or PHP then simply write a program with the information I gave below and then now you can offer free SMS from your own website.

You can now send SMS to your family members, colleagues, relatives, friends mobiles with free of cost. It is free for the receiver mobile also as all incoming SMS to any mobile in India is free. In India the cellular operators are not charging for incoming SMS. So enjoy service!!!

I am here giving all the Cellular Networks , their Phone Number Series and their mobile emails. And so just search the Phone Number series( ex: 9849) of your friend and then email them to their mobile email and it will delivered in minutes.

Mechanism : Just send an email from your gmail or kify mail account to the Mobile Email of your friend and it will SMSed to your friend mobile phone.

Delivery of the Message : It will be delivered in minutes. If the cell is switched off, then the message will be delivered as soon as it comes to the network. So no probs!

Example: If your Friend Mobile No is 9843028370, then your Friend Mobile No. Series is 9843 and so you have to send an email to your friend as and it will be SMSed to his mobile.ok.

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