Friday, August 17, 2007

Some MP3 Search Engines

Here are a list of Mp3 search engines using which you can search for your favourite music and download them.... hav fun with these Links.
Lycos MP3 Search - An incredibly popular and very strong search engine. When queried, returns hits with a very helpful reliability ranking.
Kermit - Kermit is a search box and nothing much more. Because the index is constantly updated, it has gained a reputation as one of the strongest mp3 search engines.
Audio Galaxy - Formally known as the BORG search, Audio Galaxy has become one of the more popular, and useful, MP3 search engines on the Internet. - One of the most popular mp3 / multimedia search engines on the web. All downloads from the site must be made with the Scour Media Agent.
2Look4 - Although not the largest or most popular music search engine on the web, 2look4 is certainly notable.
Astraweb - A bare-bones search engine not unlike Kermit.Mirc-X - Despite its name, Mirc-X stands as a very strong MP3 search engine. Like Kermit, Mirc-X has a strong reputation among computer gurus.
Palavista - A META MP3 search engine. The search engine reads into six of the more popular engines and sorts the returns by engine.

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ramya said...

can u tell me wich one is not paiable one? ill be thank u plz respond me