Friday, August 17, 2007

Download Mobile Ringtones FREE !!! from Paid websites.

HI Guys THis is really true with most of the websites offering a paid service to download ringtones (MONO, POLY,TRUE Tones) You just need to have a Internet Explorer. Websites


There will be many many many other websites which can be fooled without any Hacking....

Just Hear the Ringtones you like and go to the Temporary Internet Files Directory to see the MP3 (or other Supported Sound formats like rm,wma)

Copy it to your personal folder and hear it offline.... and now you have that ringtones all yours without spending a penny on the site.......

If Have any difficulties finding the Temp INternet Folder.. Best Way is to goto

Tools->Internet Options->General-> Select Settings in Temporary Internet Files Now Select View Files and you can find all the files including your ringtones in the folder

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amruthsar said...

I traid this thread This is awsome kool man kee going and forget to ask u . Can u tell me where could i get mobile softwares free?? please