Friday, August 17, 2007

Find Servers That Contain Ebooks! In a easy Way

Copy The Following Code And Paste It In Google.

+("index of") +("/ebooks""/book") +(chmpdfziprar) +apache

If u are interested, u can change some values in the code to come up with another search results.I will explain which values u need to modify ...u can change ("/ebooks""/book") to ("/photoshop") or ("/photoshop""adobe"). //

The '' means ORu can also change (chmpdfziprar) to (avimpg) denpending on ur search (ebook or movie or application)the most important thing that u should understand is that u can use '' to separate the SEARCH WORDS and FILE EXTENSIONS;

so u can put as many parameters as u like Separated by ''.

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