Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Capture Movie\Video Screenshots from Windows Media Player

What will happen if you try to capture a screen shot in Windows media player by using the 'Printscreen' button?Chances are you will end up with a black blank screen and not a shot of the video.The following quick tip will help you to easily capture screenshots of videos from Windows Media Player.

Method 1
1. Use 'Ctrl + I' while a video is being played or while it is paused.
2. This displays a Save Captured Image dialog box which allows you to save the captured screenshot.

Method 2
1. In Windows Media Player, go to Tools >> Options.
2. Select the Performance tab in the Options window.
3. Click the Advanced button.
4. In the Video Acceleration section, uncheck 'Use Overlays'.You can also uncheck Use Overlays in the DVD video section to capture stills from DVDs.
5. Click Ok Once you are done with the setting, pause the video in Windows Media Player and click the 'PrintScreen' button on the keyboard. You will find this button next to the F12 key on your keyboard.Now open an image editor and paste or hit 'Ctrl + V' to paste the screenshot image.

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Venkatesh said...

I hope you know lot about this hacking Tricks buddy.I'm saying these things B Coz the second method i seen in you post is found in many blogs and sites..But the First method is the strange one and petty useful 1...