Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Go more! and Grow more! with your Mobile!!

Now a days Mobile phones are not just phones. They do lot of other things.
It can be used as a GPS, Cardreader, MiniTV, Music player, Digital camera, personal manager etc.
If Your phone has the following specifications, you can simply transform it into a multipurpose cool gadget.Internet access via GPRS/EDGE/HSPA.A camera of minimum 2 mega pixels.Enough space in phone memory for fixing applications in the handset.

1.Check all your e-mails on a single screen!!Do you have multiple email accounts in Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff, AOL, MSN etc??Check all your mails on a single screen and avoid time consuming process of several logins.Just follow these steps ! This is for all phones!!

1.Check your multiple mail accounts in a single screen!!Register at http://www.flurry.com on a computer.You will receive a text message to your phone.
On your phone, click on the link received in SMS and you are taken to appropriate webpage where a software application is available Download the application and load it in your handset.
All e-mails will get downloaded automatically to your phone and you can view,reply,delete,forward them etc.»¤ you have to provide your mobile number, handset model, your mail ids and their corresponding passwords while registration at
step 1. (ehh!!..passwords too..? Yeah..the site claims that your passwords are secure)

2.Convert your Mobile into a GPS receiver!!Buy SE GPS enabler HGE-100 (this will be released in t the market by the end of December 2007 and may costs you around 6000bucks)Simply plug it to the handset and the accessory will act as the antenna to receive GPS signals from the satellite.Log on to the website mentioned in the manual through phone and enter the passcode.
The HGE-100 will verbally guide you if you are looking for a specific location.»¤ This is for SonyEricsson phones only alternatively..Buy Nokia N95. This model has got in built GPS system and GO!!Advantages..Highly essential for forest officers.You can track the distance you walked/traveled.You can check the speed of your walk/travel you can find route to a specific location.

3.Your mobile- Your Card reader!!Felt your purse too heavy because of keeping all visiting cards?Is the card holder on your office table is too bulky?Don’t you have the time to sort out the visiting cards?Heads up!!Go to www.bizreader.com through your mobile.Download cardreader application from the site.Load it on to your mobile,now your handset has cardreader.
Take a snap of the visitingcard with your phone.The cardreader in your phone reads the information and allows you to save it directly in your phonecontacts.

4.New colours of Advertisements!!Found advertisements in dailys, weeklys, magazines etc useful to your friends?Grab them as they are and send to your dear ones.Go to www.colorcode.com.sg from your mobile.Download the application color cam.
Load color cam in your mobile phone.Take a snap shot of the Advertisement with your phone.The color cam of your phone will reveal the information encoded in a design to you.Send the designed ad to your dearest through e-mail/blue tooth/picture message etc.

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