Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hide Files & Messages inside Images

Nothing new here, really! Hiding messages inside images has been around since ages. The digital era has greatly simplified this for us, and we will be doing exactly that;
hide files in images.There are numerous ways to hide messages and files in images. So let's take a look at two of them;
the first one to hide files and the second one to hide text messages.Using the command prompt in Windows This one's quite easy. Create an archive file (i.e a Zip or Rar file) which contains the files you want to hide.Our aim is to hide this archive file inside an image. Let's assume secret files.zip is the archive file and my picture.jpg is the picture file which will be used to hide the archive.
Now open the command prompt and use the following command:
copy /b mypicture.jpg + secretfiles.zip new.jpg
The above command will create a new image file named new.jpg, which contains secret files.zip.Opening new.jpg will only display the image from the original my picture.jpg file, so the zip file stays hidden.
However, to access the archive, you'll have the open the new.jpg file with programs like Winzip,Winrar,7-zip etc.
This trick can also be used with other image formats like png, gif, tif etc. Additionally, the zip or rar archives can be encrypted(password protected), thereby making it difficult to retrieve even if one knows an image contains these files.Hide messages using ImageHideWell, ImageHide 2.0 is a software which is capable of hiding messages in images.

However, unlike the previous method, you can't hide files in a picture with ImageHide. Only messages!As I found out, this isn't the best user-friendly software. It felt awkward sometimes. So I created a quick guide below for using ImageHide.

Hide a message with ImageHide:
Click 'Load Image' to load an image, enter your message in the bottom pane, click 'Write Data' and then hit 'Save Image' to save the image.View a hidden message with ImageHide:
Click 'Load Image' to load an image and hit 'Read Data' to view the message.To Encrypt a hidden message:
Create a message as shown above.
Click Encrypt to open an new window. Click Encrypt again in the new window.
You'll be prompted to enter a password. Type in a password and close.
Now click 'Write Data' and hit 'Save Image' to save the image.
Remember the password. It is used to decrypt the message.

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